A Bunch of Nothing

20170315_203318Have you ever heard of writer’s block? I have, and never before the last couple of days did I realize how real it can be. Imagine the blockiest block, and that’s how blocked my writing brain has felt.

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve tried to get myself to write something, and I’m just stuck! (Who knows if I will actually ever get this one published?) If you could only see the number of drafts I’ve started and haven’t finished… :/

I feel like my life is literally on hold right now. It feels like I go to work, finish one job, go the next, eat, sleep, and begin a new day. I don’t feel like my life is accomplishing much and I feel like I have nothing worthwhile to say to the world, so I just shut down completely.

I could tell you all about how my Dr. recommended I wear compression socks to raise my blood pressure (I HATE socks!!) But, because I’m trying to be good, I wear them..even if it does almost drive me nuts at times!

I could tell you that yes, I still miss school, and the kiddos in it, but those of you who truly know me, know that fact already.

I could complain and whine about the fact that it’s literally been months since I did any vacation or traveling to speak of…just for fun, just for the harry of it. But really, that’s what life is, A constant battle between work and vacation, so we all face that at times.

Somedays, it feels like nothing goes right….ever!! and mornings when you step inside your shoes, only to realize, after 15 years of putting shoes on…by yourself…every single day!!…you’ve slid them on the wrong foot. (how does that even happen??)

I could tell you about the time I got many, many, many papers ready to send out to different cities for the city income taxes. What’s frustrating is when you have to write out small $1 checks to individual cities…AND the total cost to send all this paperwork almost blows your mind away.

You know, when you work with people every day, you truly begin to find your true self/character. I’m discovering more and more what an introvert I am….The way to recharge my batteries is just some alone, quiet time at home with nothing but the hum of the refrigerators and the buzz of the furnace to keep me company. Have you ever taken a personality test before?? I highly encourage it, if you’ve ever thought you’re the only one who thinks a certain way…try this right here. You’ll be amazed.

Winter finally hit us. My body is sooo not used to this cold, and I almost can’t stand it. When I get the heavy coats out, you know it’s got to be cold!! But, spring is coming, I can hold on that much longer….I hope.

Yes, life is good, it keeps going. I try to keep up, but sometimes I trip and need a little help. I realize there is more to life than the rituals people (including myself) go through, but by God’s grace I will see a little sunshine in every day.

This was my laugh for one of these past few days that sorta all run together: “I need a kleenex. My nose is coming off.” ūüôā Happy Wednesday, you all.



Overused Clich√©s–just for fun

I¬† ‘totes’ did not see me ever writing a blog. When I was in school, I avoided writing ‘like the plague.’ ¬†I wrote because ‘hashtag teacher made me’. (yes, I realize I just wrote hashtag rather using the symbol).¬†I always¬†heard that everything ‘happens for a reason’, but this didn’t help my ‘attitude issues’. In fact, I’m sure my teacher thought I needed a ‘kick in the pants’ or a good solid ‘attitude adjustment’. (Come to think of it, these¬†two sort of¬†happen together ūüôā .)

I should’ve had the attitude of, ‘you got this, girl’ even though thinking about¬†it almost¬†drove me to the ‘depths of despair’. Sometimes I forgot that ‘haste makes waste’ and hurriedly¬†‘jotted down a few words’ hoping I could still ‘make the¬†grade’.¬†The teacher signed the reports, so it was as if I didn’t have ‘a care in the world’.

Then one day, the ‘tables were turned’. I stood at the front of my own class ‘scared half to death’. (I couldn’t tell you how many times that has happened to me, it’s a wonder I’m still alive!) Excitement was also¬†‘bubbling over’, but I soon realized that ‘what goes around comes around’. Now I was dealing with the half-hearted ‘diamonds in the rough’, the one that I used to be. (Have you ever had to ‘eat your¬†words’? They fill you up pretty fast!) ¬†I had to remember that ‘every cloud has a silver lining’, and that ‘this too shall pass’.

At times it felt like I was ‘banging my head against a brick wall’ as I ‘bent over backwards’ trying to teach them all sorts of things, including that there is ‘more than one way to skin a cat’. But I ‘put my best foot forward’, and soon they were changing from¬†‘rags to riches’.

Sometime soon, (it must’ve been that banging against a brick wall), I decided to ‘kill two birds with one stone’. I decided me and writing did not have a ‘love at first sight’, but rather we¬†were believers in¬†‘second chances’. So, I put my love for teaching and love of writing into one and began to try to ‘leave my mark’ in the writing world. ‘Better late than never’!

I decided to ‘shoot for the moon’, because even if I would never be ‘rich and famous’, I thought I could ‘give it my best shot’ and ‘seize the day’. After all, ‘YOLO’!! ūüėÄ


When You’re From Ohio….


Overlooking the small town of Mt. Vernon

……You have an outstanding amount of state pride…….


……..When going anywhere in the summer, you plan for double the time due to all the traffic delays for construction……

…….You think your small town is perfect–even if it has only one stoplight…….

……..You know that Red, White, and BOOM is the annual 4th of July fireworks display, not just some person’s mis-spoken form of the colors of the USA flag……

…..You carry in your car at all times, year-round–a winter coat, flip-flops, an umbrella, and sunglasses……

……You can spot an out-of-stater by the way they drive. They just DO NOT pass buggies like we do!!……

…….You understand that anything with the word “buckeye” will be extremely delicious, be it a brownie, muffin, ice cream, milkshake, sundae, or just a plain buckeye…….

…..You feel loyalty to your state when you wear scarlet and gray, even when you don’t plan it…

…You know exactly how to spell it out with your arms–What other state can claim that??…….

….O-H……..You finished that. If not screaming it out loud, in your mind with a smile beginning at the edges of your mouth….

…..It’s not at all surprising to see a bustle of activity on the roads after a good snowstorm….

…..You give directions by landmarks and not by road names…..

…..You know there is a great variety of landscape, and whether it’s flat fields, or rolling hills covered in forests, or the winding, hilly roads to Amish Country, you believe it’s beautiful….

……You know¬†you don’t have an accent. And¬†you don’t say ‘seven’ and ‘eleven’ weird…..

…..You don’t have a clue what ‘soda’ is……

…..You know to avoid Amish Country if at all possible during the tourist season. *Shudder*…..

….Your Saturdays in the fall are spent watching football, working while¬†wishing you were watching football, or listening to people talk about football….all while wearing clothes that are¬†scarlet and gray….

….You are an absolute pro at dodging potholes. (either that, or it doesn’t bother you when you plunge into their deep, dark depths)….

…..You feel a sense of uniqueness when you see your state flag. It’s the only one that’s not a rectangle….

….You have ever seen or done this combination–a hoodie with shorts, or flip-flops/sandals with socks….

…..You probably have dipped fries in a frosty already…..

….No matter what anyone says, you’re proud of your state, and will gladly call it “home.”….

What are some Ohioan trademarks that you are proud to be a part of?