I’m Katie Eash. I’m 21 years old, and loving living at home with my family. I am a teacher at heart, and I doubt you will ever take it from me! I stopped teaching due to a journey with my health that I was led on. I love children, and love being an auntie to my little niece and nephew. My life duties consist of tutoring an adopted boy, to get him ready for school, doing the bookwork for an excavation business, working part-time in a bank, and also babysitting occasionally. (yes, I like to stay busy, why do you ask? 🙂 ) I love writing, and I love thinking, and a part of me also likes to be behind the camera (not in front of),so what better way to combine those than put it in a blog…so sit, stay, read awhile if you wish…let me know your thoughts!! 🙂


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