365 Picture Project


168/365-Ok, I’ll be honest, this picture was taken a day early (not on the 168th day of the year) but I made an exception for this one. πŸ™‚


167/365-Homemade doughnuts….and some of those are a gluten free dough!


166/365-Eye Dr. appointment


165/365-Trucking with the youth…along with a progressive supper.


164/365-After travels mess.


163/365-Whit’s custard–Dad likes it too, which is good, so we can go more often. πŸ™‚


162/365-When you see your twin car at the bank, wave at the owner, and then follow it a little way. πŸ™‚


161/365-American Food!! Burger and french fries.


160/365-Family is important. Brothers are important. Traveling together with family is pretty neat. Sitting in the same row needed to be documented.


159/365-Impressive tan lines ready to go back to OHIO.


158/365-People say we fight a lot. But look, we took a picture together.. πŸ™‚


157/365-On the Sea of Galilee riding a boat with 2 flags flying high.


156/365-Bedouin Camp–serving tea.


155/365-Camel Ride!! Overpriced, but at least I can say I did it! πŸ™‚


154/365-Beautiful building…sad knowing it’s not to worship God.


153/365-Neat little radio playing close to one of the streets while we were walking one evening. You could change music on it too!


152/365-En Gedi




150/365-AND….We missed our flight. Long lines of waiting so we can get our flights re-booked.


149/365-Travel day has arrived!


148/365-The night before leaving for Israel


147/365-Chips, personal chairs and blankets and watching Berenstein Bears.


146/365-The day has arrived!! Mr. and Mrs Eash!! πŸ™‚


145/365-Saving the bride’s day by chasing after lilacs the evening before the wedding. It ended up being a house that someone knew one of our group and were very nice about us asking. Even wrapped our lilacs in wet paper towels and brown paper. IMPRESSIVE!! πŸ™‚


144/365-Flower bouquet/boutonniere making day!


143/365-The day is getting closer!!


142/365-Friends reunited again… πŸ™‚


141/365-New countertops and sink in our kitchen.


140/365-Pills for days…literally….days…


139/365-Shopping together…Israel, here we come!


138/365-My dad’s hard work! πŸ™‚


137/365-I got to store the bride’s dress so the groom doesn’t sneak a peek. πŸ™‚


136/365-Outside again–with my pretty water bottle on display as well.


135/365-Welcome to my workstation….where papers are pretty much a guarantee and neatness is pretty much at the end or beginning of the day.


134/365-Good friends make it easy to pick up wherever we want….even if it’s been a little while since we’ve seen each other.


133/365-Mother and Daughter…Mother’s Day 2018


132/365-There’s a sense of pride and accomplishment in a freshly cleaned flowerbed.


131/365-Lilacs never last long enough!!


130/365-Probably a random evening I realized I still needed a picture πŸ™‚


129/365-Israel trip planning.


128/365-Girl’s Book Study


127/365-This made me chuckle a little. Who knew ‘furniture buyer’ was a job title?!


126/365-Random, spur of the moment visits from a cousin.


125/365-Wedding time!


124/365-The tree outside the office window just seemed to get brighter and brighter.


123/365-Bike trail whizzes! πŸ™‚


122/365-The school spoiled me with little gifts on one of my last days as librarian for the year.


121/365-Mechanic’s lien class. Interesting, but quite a bit over my head!


120/365-Monday night shenanigans.


119/365-Mail for me. πŸ™‚






116/365-Evenings outside are sometimes just what you need.


115/365-When the gas gauge shows this close… I fill up very soon. Yes, I’m one of those!


114/365-This is the company I work for. They’ve grown tremendously since they’ve been in business. I never thought I would be doing what I’m doing at this age of my life.


113/365-Substitute teaching–Outside+gummy bears πŸ™‚


112/365-Time= valuable


111/365-Nephew and niece.




109/365-Friends—Jamaica handled all 4 of us at once.


108/365-Do what you love.


107/365-A girl and a dog. Sometimes she’s terrified, and sometimes it’s just ok!


106/365-Can a keyboard be considered artistic?

105/365-We grew up together. Some of us are scattered around. So when we are all in the same church at the same time, it calls for a picture. πŸ™‚

104/365-Spray paint does some amazing things. Also, people who have patience…. NOT ME!!

103/365-This is what my ‘work’ looked like one day. I was in the organizing mood, so I made a rubber band ball to keep some of them more in one place. πŸ™‚

102/365-Followup visit with my neurologist. It didn’t last long, cause I’ve been doing good, and we didn’t really have to talk about other options. πŸ™‚

101/365-Council meeting in church. Sharing together, praying together, sharing struggles and singing/crying as we surround a few who will be leaving us soon. This verse is such a good illustration of the church. (Matthew 18:20)

100/365-Walking through the woods on a nice evening. Memories came to mind as I walked through the woods that we used to ride/drive our 4-wheeler through on the paths.

99/365-Big brother celebrates his birthday in style. πŸ™‚

98/365-My dad made this chain. Pretty neat isn’t it?

97/365-What a fine bunch of youth girls!

96/365-Washing dishes

95/365-Sitting with my nieces. I am so blessed!

94/365-Substituting for a day!! πŸ™‚

93/365-What did we ever do without a Dollar General so close to home?

92/365-Oops, just kidding! πŸ™‚ It was a very beautiful snow, and thankfully, it melted very fast! πŸ™‚

91/365-Garden tea is peeking it’s head up…..

90/365-Slowly, but surely, there are signs of spring.

89/365-Me and a friend met up for breakfast one morning, sat and gabbed for awhile, then did some errands on our own, and met up again at DQ. Everyone should have a friend like this!

88/365-Random acts of Kindness night with the youth. We took this basket of goodies and delivered it to a fire station.

87/365-This just makes me look really important, when it wasn’t really my signature they were needing. πŸ™‚

86/365-Shoe cutting party to get kits ready to send.

85/365-I was surprised by this beverage. I thought I had gotten just regular flavored water, but it’s like pop, only healthier. Right?? πŸ™‚


84/365-Another random picture….OOPSS!


83/365-First Whit’s stop of the year. Me, Mom, and Dad.

82/365-Dad sharing a little something at an Eash gathering…. AND not very many people can say they played vball at 60+ years old! πŸ™‚


81/365-I guess today was ‘see how many sticky notes you can use’ day. πŸ™‚


80/365-Happy 4th birthday, little man!

79/365-This is what happens when I forget to take a picture. It’s a very random one when it’s time for bed.

78/365-The story behind this picture is a good one. But not including all the details, he had to make sure his face was tilted ‘just so’—because ‘every time there’s a picture of me on facebook, my nose is way up!’ (So yes, I also tried to angle my face just so, and both of our faces were angled to perfection…or tried to at least.) πŸ™‚

77/365-I don’t often walk in the cow pasture, but when it’s a beautiful sunny day like this, you gotta make exceptions! πŸ™‚

76/365-My mother is a pro at pies…Seriously!

75/365-Until you’ve got style like my nephew….Just keep trying. πŸ™‚

74/365-While waiting for the youth activity to start, huddling in a corner to block the wind.

73/365-Why do completed taxes make me feel so good and adult-like??

72/365-Girls’ book study

71/365-Thank-you, Ohio, for such a warm welcome home….NOT!!

70/365-Desk mess to sort through

69/365-Airplane ride home.

68/365-Last evening together. Rainy, but still smiling (most of the time, anyway)

67/365-Climbing Dunn’s River Falls.

66/365-Precious tiny hand.

65/365-Jamaican FOOD!!!

64/365-Sometimes vacations do include picking up the broken pieces. πŸ™‚

63/365-Smoothies and sunshine and friends.

62/365-Airplane selfie!! πŸ™‚

61/365-Squishy hugs before I leave for my trip.

60/365-Dec. 2-March 1= no episodes!! Thank-you, Jesus, for health!

59/365-My computer screen–blurred though it might be.

58/365-Lunch outside. It got kinda cold pretty fast though….

57/365–2 of my brothers and me πŸ™‚

56/365-Spring flowers!! πŸ€—

55/365-Slowly, but surely, the stack begins to grow!😁

54/365-Vacation days are just around the corner!! 😁

53/365-Mystery reader at school. (Disclaimer: not taken by me, obviously) ☺

52/365-After school Jamaica trip planning meeting!! 😁😁

51/365-Secret sister revealing/ladies night out.

50/365-Book week at school… these children are getting books they would never consider reading otherwise….just to reach their goal!😁

49/365-Brothers who refuse to cooperate with your goal of a photo a day. Oh well, I got my picture! 🀷🏼

48/365- Dear sweet Kari. ❀

47/365-Blue skies are a welcome relief from the gray dreariness.

46/365-Problems of a shoe-disliker. Making big steps from the island of gravel to your car to avoid wet feet. 🀷🏼

45/365-Blessing a friend

44/365-Chipotle for lunch… don’t you wish you worked for my company? πŸ˜‰

43/365- Healthy brownies and short visits with these silly littles… yes, it helps Monday blues!😊

42/365-Sunday afternoon popcorn πŸ™‚

41/365-When spring doesn’t come to you, you go and buy little pieces to bring in. πŸ‘

40/365-Going out for supper with our parents…all in the same vehicle!! 😊

39/365-This day was one of those where you needed to have more than one picture.. ❀

38/365-Im one of those crazies who doesn’t mind snowy roads that much.. 🀷🏼

37/365-Girls night πŸ‘Œ

36/365-Hot feet and me just don’t mix…they cooled off quite quickly though! 😊

35/365-That moment when deciding if you really should click ‘publish’ or not….

34/365-Operation Closet Clean-out!!

33/365-Who knew keyboards could be artistically captured? 😁

32/365-100th day at school and she was feeling a little overwhelmed with her twizzlers, so she shared one with me. πŸ™‚

31/365-Given to me in May, and I haven’t killed it yet! πŸ€—

30/365-One of the few times I order dessert and it comes out looking this huge and delicious!! πŸ™„ I had help eating it though, don’t worry!

29/365- This little guy…He’s adorable. That’s all I have to say. ❀

28/365-Weekend is over. Adult life calls. We face the week ahead with bright smiles and memories to hold close.

27/365-Rainy days, muddy streets, bookstore, coffee shop with cool pottery painting inside, shopping for hours, time with friends, taking stalk-like pictures of said friends when they’re not watching, searching for matching t-shirts. This picture was the start of a good day!

26/365-Trying to teach myself algebra again so I understand enough of it to teach to others. We made it through a class!! High five us! 😁

25/365-Blind vball with the youth…. I’m sure glad I convinced myself to stay and play rather than do what I felt like and go home. 🀷🏼

24/365-I have a feeling this Bible will be great to look through after this year. Every day I box around the passage I read and highlight a verse or 2 with the date beside it. Imagine all the color and everything once it’s all done! ❀

23/365-Watching Paw Patrol with the nephew… 😍

22/365- Back in the deli….something that is just hard to get away from.

21/365 Homemade ice cream

20/365 Laundry on the line…snow on the ground….spring-like weather in Ohio 😊

19/365 Do I stop? Sure…why not!

18/365 Twin life is the good life….

17/365 Can we just skip the 2017 tax season?? Ok good!

16/365. Introverts unite!! (With a random icicle) 😊

15/365 Who would’ve thought I’d be working in my ‘office’ from my grandparents living room?

14/365 We do parties good! 😊

13/365 Fresh snow…since everyone else took a picture of snow, I can too! 😊

12/365 Fuzzy blanket

11/365 This is what neglected filing looks like. Don’t do it.

10/365 Warm house, bookshelves, nighttime

9/365 Tuesdays are library day

8/365 Monday night vball

thumbnail 1111

7/365 Family gatherings with missing people.

thumbnail 777

6/365 If I could have hair like this and be this cute…..

thumbnail 333

5/365 Spreadsheet love!!

thumbnail 222


thumbnail 666

3/365 Random picture in my bedroom because I hadn’t taken one yet that day. πŸ™‚

thumbnail 444