Christmas Poem

Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the school; seemed everyone around was losing their cool.

The students– practicing hard for a Christmas play, while…alas! all the teachers’ hair were fast turning gray.

Everything and anything was fuss, fuss this, and not a wrong that a student did, the others did miss.

This wears quite heavily on the dear teachers’ mind, so day after day this she did sigh.

“Tests coming up…….. Will they pass them or fail? 4 o’clock’s here…now on home I do sail!”

It’s hurry, hurry here, and rush, rush there. Christmas and teacher-hood make quite a scary pair.

Home to wrap presents, back to school to decorate. It’s only Christmas for so long, we musn’t wait!

Tis’ the weekend before Christmas, it just doesn’t seem right. Any teacher deserves to relax with all their might.

The buttons the students find on their teacher to push..The only words she remembers is “Be quiet and shush!”

A party to plan, games to play, all the while hoping she can remain sane.

Tempers are short, and arguments flare, the stories she could tell, but instead, she’ll say a prayer!

Evenings are spent at home, with a book. Don’t make her leave her quiet little nook.

Each eve of peace, is oh such sweet bliss…. knowing the next day, when duty calls, her children she’ll miss.

So this next week or two, when she seems to have disappeared…don’t despair, she’ll be back, without *too* much a tear.

Give her time, room, and plenty of space. This is Christmas vacation on a teacher’s pace.

Then back to the classroom, after the New Year, with faces aglow, and minds all in gear.

She’ll begin her rituals all over again…..When you love what you do, everyone wins!


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