Did You Know?

Did you know that bulletproof vests, fire escapes, windshield wipers, and laser printers were all invented by women? (fact found on Pinterest, which sadly was not invented by a woman ūüôā )

Did you know that the first man to cross Niagara Falls later died by slipping on an orange peel?

Did you know in Cleveland, OH, it is illegal to catch mice without a hunting license?

Did you know that summers are absolutely AMAZING?! (by the way, for future reference, “?!”, is called an interrobang.)

Did you know that you can have a super intense desire to write with absolutely NOTHING to write about? This has been my issue the past few weeks…I wanted to write, with nothing to¬†write about. I’ve tried several times and nothing seems to work. I’ve decided that my students/teaching provided most of my inspiration for writing, and now that it’s summer, my subjects are no longer near me!

I smile when I think of the difference between my¬†2 different jobs. One has immense emotional and relational rewards and the other has extreme¬†ummm….fun stuff that I like to do a lot. (that sounds like¬†I need to go back to school for awhile, but if you stick with me, I’ll¬†do my best to explain)

One of them is emotionally draining, but oh, so rewarding¬†in the end when you see the things¬†FINALLY¬†begin to sink in (even if it’s in the last week of school)..the other is oh so rewarding when those numbers on the computer screen¬†FINALLY begin to¬†go to their right places, and things are¬†FINALLY looking up!

One of them makes you¬†extremely tired, but somehow¬†you find energy to get up and go the next morning….the other…it’s a little scary, but you can¬†be your own boss, set your own time schedule and¬†show up¬†to work kinda whenever you want. ūüôā

One of them caters to your introverted side, and you can be holed up in a little hole listening to music as you type your¬†emails, write checks,¬†and balance the books.¬†The other just about frazzles the last of those¬†introverted nerves¬†and being around¬†people¬†ANOTHER day,¬†ALL day…..yeah, that’s¬†why Saturdays are deeply treasured!

One of them¬†stretches Both stretch you to grow…… in different ways of course. One gives you the opportunity to shape little minds and hearts, while the other just gives you plenty of opportunities to¬†talk to¬†people on the¬†phone. (YUCK! That’s why texting/email was invented !)


I saw this quote the other day and it made me thankful I’m not the only one that thinks¬†like this! ūüôā


But as I look at both of these and I look at my summer ahead. I want to take the challenge to rise above the “normal”. You know, just going through the daily grind…getting up, doing my job, eating, sleeping, that sort of thing. I have this extra time loose time schedule for a reason, and I have the choice to choose whether to waste it frivolously or use it wisely.

I’ll leave you with one more “Did you know” fact.. Because it’s close to bedtime…”Did you know eating cheese before going to bed can help improve sleep quality?”

*All “did you know” facts were pulled off the most reliable source out there…the Internet…. Feel free to prove or disprove them all!*


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