Out of the Mouths of Babes


I recently had a conversation with someone very special to me. This conversation stopped me in my tracks with the reality of how true it is. I was shocked to hear the words come out of her mouth. I was in awe of how sincere she sounded without a doubt in her mind. I was amazed at the wise-sounding sentence or two that she emphatically declared as she sat on my lap, swinging with me, fully trusting me to not let her go. She’s only 3, and she blew me away with what she said.

I was peacefully swinging, and asking her about her day, and what she did all day, when suddenly out of the blue, she says “But, the sun isn’t shining.” I replied, “Yeah, I know, it went behind the clouds, didn’t it.” Searching the sky with just a little doubt clouding her eyes, she sees the sun “halo-ing” the clouds, and says, “See, it’s over there!” I agreed, and what she said next was the moment. With awe and wonder in her eyes, searching the skies, she said, “My God lives up there.” Startled by this random piece of information, I readily smiled, and grinned, and thought to myself, you’re absolutely right! Her eyes lit up again, and added quickly, “My God’s up there. And…..and…  my Jesus!”


This conversation remained in my mind the next day as I played it over and over in my mind. We have so many “scary” things happening in our world right now. Just one example, this whole big thing with Target, the coming election and all the politics surrounding that, abortion clinics being in the middle of a huge (dare I say warfare), victims innocently murdered only hours from your home.. Ok, Ok, I know I said one example but I got a little carried away.

And then my mind went to the “scary” things in our own personal lives. The question of where to work, the problem of relational issues, the daily rip-roaring around that we do trying to satisfy everyone’s requirements of us, the health issues we or our family members face, financial loss, uncertainty of what to do in a certain situation, even the simple things of a day not going right for us…for measuring up to our standards of how it *should’ve* gone.

And yet, with all of these thoughts, the words she spoke are still echoing in my mind. The trusting eyes as she looked at me with sincerity as she spoke the absolute truth.  My God IS up there. My Jesus is there too, and what do I need to fear?! Me, in my adult-like mind needs to figure everything out, and yet I still don’t have this faith thing figured out. Me, with my adult perception, still cannot perceive the truth that trusting is where you find the ultimate peace. Yes even I, with my grown-up eyes, think that I deserve to see and know the whole picture, while MY God gently places blinders over them, saying, “This is all you need to see for now. Can’t you just close your eyes and rest in Me?  Just trust that I see the big picture. Isn’t that enough?”


PEACE–It’s what we all desire to have, and yet our actions prove completely otherwise. Trust. Rest. Faith. Trust. Rest. Faith. Trust. Rest. Faith. These words are echoing in my mind, as I search for a way to close this lengthy post up…

Yes, Child, YOUR God, YOUR Jesus are up there. Won’t you Rest in Him today? Practice the simple childlike faith, and just Trust! You won’t regret it. Experience the ultimate peace by going to the Prince of Peace himself!



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