Consider With Me

Today we celebrate Easter. And today, as with any other Christ-centered holiday, I wonder what the huge fuss is. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not condemning giving holidays their special place. There is just something special and reverent about a “special day” like today. But my thoughts also take a different direction as I wonder why we as Christians don’t celebrate these things every day of the year. I’m as guilty as anyone as I get caught up in the next part of life and the holidays just kind of slip by…special today, but tomorrow, my job keeps me too busy to think. Christmas and Easter are two of the biggest ones I’m thinking of, but I’m sure there are more. Imagine with me for just a moment a conversation between Jesus and God while walking along the heavenly streets of gold.


Jesus: Why do your children spend so much time emphasizing a special holiday when all you want them to do is have a special relationship with you?

God: I can’t explain it Son. These humans I have created sometimes place more emphasis on the day that’s celebrated then on the reason it’s to be celebrated.

Jesus: I guess I’m just full of questions right now, but why do they spend so much money buying special candy and sweet stuff because it’s “on sale” or “in season”? Do they not realize that the access they have to your Word is sweeter than honey? Can they not see that buying all these gifts and special trinkets is worthless? Don’t they understand they have the best gift-eternal life through my death and resurrection- and best of all they don’t have to stretch their pennies to buy it…it’s free! with no strings attached! Do they not get it that it’s not the special new dress/pants/ shirt/sweater/jacket that makes them precious to us or even to others? It’s their heart! Their heart is all that you want, and it seems they put so much emphasis on what new thing they can get this year to wear for the holiday.

Don’t they see that finding the “perfect” thing is not going to ever happen? The perfect gift for their loved one, the perfect amount of eggs in the egg hunt, the perfect decorations, the perfect recipe for the perfect food…… Daddy, I don’t get it, but can’t they understand it, like you told me, that We’re the perfect One? We’re the only one that will satisfy their hearts to perfection.

I wonder sometimes if they ever think about this……how instead of searching for the fountain of youth and beauty, they should be searching the fountain of life..found in Me, the Resurrection AND the Life! Do they ever imagine the power they could have if instead of getting pumped up on these one-day holidays, they could be on fire for You year-round. Imagine, Father, if they would all take the fervor and inspiration they receive in their special sunrise service and keep it alive 365 days rather than 24 hrs, imagine the difference that would make in the world you so lovingly created! I wonder……Do they ever take time to stop and think about things like this in their busy, materialistic way of living? Can they even consider these things or are they too wrapped up in the next thing that they forget about Us?

I wonder…..I really, really wonder…….

God: Well, Son, just remember…They all have a choice. I created them specifically with that ability to choose what they believe is most important. And also remember this, Son, what they choose in their hearts will eventually show up on the outside by how they live their lives in the everyday, not just the “special days”.


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