My Life As Coming From Google

I was thinking tonight, and yes that happens a lot more frequently than you would realize! I was thinking of all the time I’ve spent on the computer recently and I began to wonder what all I had searched in the past few months/weeks/days.

Google is  my friend. Shoot, Google should be any teacher’s best friend, shouldn’t it? Here are a few snapshots of some of the recent searches of mine…

–Intellicast (gotta keep an eye on those snow days coming up 🙂


–Epley’s maneuver

–RSV in babies (as my mind is with my nephew spending the night in the hospital)

–John Deere Financial (don’t ask) 🙂

–Miles from Newark, Oh to Camp Ohio Rd (Yes, I’ve lived here all my life, and no, I truly didn’t know)

–Why did eyes get bloodshot after a bump to the head (an incident with a student that  had me worried at school)

–M&M’s crispy (which by the way, if you haven’t tried them, the next time you’re in town, pick up a bag or two, you won’t regret it!)

–Blood pressure numbers

–Amazon (I love this site! Probably a little too much 🙂

–Sketchers GoWalk 3 (I love these shoes and encourage anyone on their feet all day to check them out!)

–Waldo stickers

–Difference between dizziness and vertigo

–How fast does the earth spin?

–Examples of a saturated solution

–Allergic to bananas (Yes, apparently there are some people who have this allergy)

–Time zone chart

–Mt. Vernon library

–Why did the window shatter when I touched it? (true story, it’s still taped shut waiting for a replacement)

–How fast does an airplane go?

–Staples office supplies

–A fraud protection phone number

–Cupcake icing recipe (can you tell I don’t bake very often? Because one of my next ones was how to make frosting thicker)

–Gluten free cinnamon rolls (any volunteers?)


–And the usuals: Facebook, Pinterest, Yahoo, etc., etc., etc.

This fun little activity has brought me to the conclusion that we who are living in the year 2016 are spoiled with a world of information literally at our fingertips. I wonder, what would happen if every time we wanted to know something, we would have to …. *GASP* open an encyclopedia and actually *HORROR OF HORRORS* look for what we wanted.

I wonder if maybe we aren’t losing the magic of using our God-given brains to think things through and research until our brains hurt (and not just our eyes from staring at a illuminated screen.)

I wonder…I wonder this and …..I wonder that….. Wondering is what led me to these searches to begin with! What do you wonder about? I wonder this…What have your most recent “Google” searches been?  🙂


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