Do What You Love, Love What You Do

I love weekends! Absolutely live for them! It’s just enough to get me boosted through the next week…..A day to sleep in, a day to worship, and take a nap in the afternoon, a day with family, a day filled with ‘me’ things!

Teaching (and the 13 littles) really gets to me….in a good way, I think. The other day I was trying to explain something to friends and I was told that I’m slipping into ‘teacher mode!’

There are bad days. Days that I wish I could go home and sleep for hours on end, days that I want to curl up and cry my heart out because things are not sinking in, days when children are particulary rowdy and I want to pull out my hair. There are days I sigh in frustration, and days I vent all my problems to my co-teachers.

There are good days. Days that I giggle and snicker at what my ‘littles’ say. One day a ‘little’ was convinced that the clock was broken cause it wasn’t moving fast enough toward lunch time! Days when one builds a paper airplane with a tack attached to the tip and pins a bug on his bulletin board. (Oh, the joys of a classroom full of boys! I did later throw the bug out; it was still living with a hole punctured through his body!) One truly believed juicies were just for kids, and was shocked to see a teacher drinking one! (Yes, I believe I am still youthful enough to drink one 🙂 ) When reading some work of a ‘little’ I saw our rich heritage coming through. Q: Where is one place you get pumpkin seeds? A: At an “Amish” market….not just any market, and Amish one!

There are days like this when I’m swimming in tests.

IMG_0344 IMG_0341

I personally don’t mind the grading of tests…although 49 is a little much for one day! 🙂

There are days when art makes its appearance, and I have to almost cringe as I see that they’re not doing it the way it should be….Then I just have to remember, they’re kids, they’re having fun, and that’s what art is truly about!

IMG_0478 IMG_0476 IMG_0475

This project took a lot of glue, and I mean, ALOT!! They were supposed to be suncatchers with gently swirled food colors in them….BUT even with warnings from me, some of them ended up pitch black! : / This was one of the moments I had to zip my mouth shut, and remember that they were having a blast swirling glue with toothpicks!

The end results

The end results 🙂

There are days when I lose my patience, and days when I seem to have extra grace. Days when I love what I do, and days that I wonder what I do. 🙂

Through all these days though, I’ve come to find, after a weekend, and a couple extra hours of sleep, it all seems right again! I love my calling, and I must say, there’s nothing quite like loving what you do, and loving who you get to spend it with! 🙂


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