My View From The Teacher’s Desk

School has started. And with that, the exhausting schedule has begun. My calendar is full of classes, tests, school activities, and random things a teacher needs to know. (Don’t ask me to explain the daily markings….I’m still learning what each name and color means!)


My theme this year is something I’ve loved since I was little. Ok, well, I’ll be honest, I still love it! The idea came up as a sarcastic remark to my brother’s request about my theme. More deep thought revealed that this is no sarcastic idea, this is something that’s awesome! I began thinking more about how this could work, and was super excited to get stuff together. The more thought I put into it, I realized I would need some help with this. I emailed Focus on the Family to see if they had any school packages–stickers, posters, etc. of Adventures in Odyssey. I didn’t get a reply for a long time and I figured this was a lost cause. Then one day I checked my email and the president of the company had emailed me back asking me for my address so they could send me the package. A week or so later I received 3 posters of some characters, a handful of magazines, and 13 different booklets that have different character *baseball cards* (which is the perfect amount I needed for my students…and I never told them how many students I had!! ) I was so excited! To top it all off, there was no bill….I was on top of the clouds that day! So shout-out to Focus on the Family…they went above and beyond what I expected!

As I sit in my desk, this is what I see: charts of all different shapes and sizes…IMG_0179

This is my birthday chart. For their birthdays this year, I’m bringing them milkshakes to go with the ice cream soda shoppe theme. And of course, they get my teacher’s chair for the day…I’m pretty selfish with that chair, but I usually survive the day without it. 🙂


My growth chart: I usually measure several times a year to see how much they grow. I’m proud to say, that this year I truly am the tallest in my classroom!

Imagination Station: aka Reading Corner

Imagination Station: aka Reading Corner


Hundreds and tests chart: for every one hundred, they will add a scoop of ice cream to their cone, and for every test they will add a sticker to their table.


Bible Memory: Every time they say their Bible memory they add a sticker to their Bible.


Cleaning chart: Pretty self explanatory, they have jobs weekly that they have to help with to keep our classroom at least kinda presentable!


My first bulletin board for the year: Just a basic welcoming board 🙂


Our Welcoming door: This is Whit’s End. (yes, it looks like a church 🙂 ) I cut the windows out and put their pictures in.

The first week was hard. The 2nd week was better. This year I have a completely opposite class from last year. Last year I had 7 girls and 4 boys. This year I have 9 boys and 4 girls! I’m realizing it’s completely different, and we’re only through the 2nd week!

Yes, it will be different but the things I love the most are still the same:

  • Little notes from the children with “guess who” written on the back. (little do they realize I can usually figure it out by the handwriting) 🙂
  • Small offers to help. (which to a teacher can be huge!)
  • Seeing the light bulb come on.
  • Realizing in that specific moment that sometimes life lessons are more important than Math and Reading lessons.
  • Considering google-ing “how to get glow stick stuff out of eyes” (no, this is not a daily occurrence, but yes, it truly did happen…I can chuckle now, cause I think the eye is back to normal, but at the time, it was panicked, frenzied ‘what do I do? What would be best? thoughts.) Oh, and if anyone happens to be in town buying eye drops, just buy an extra for the school. The ones I used were *pretty much* expired. I’m surprised they didn’t make it worse!
  • The humorous incidents that happen and the funny things these kids say.
  • “I don’t wanna hot to death.”
  • “Katie, I was shaking because I was scared I didn’t know my Bible Memory.”
  • “I think that clock is broken. It hasn’t moved in forrreevvveerrr!!” (Keep in mind this was right before lunch so time really does drag for little ones)
  • The moment when you realize that maybe little ones pick up more than you think. Friend to friend: “Let’s always forgive each other.”
  • “That makes more sense than how they said it in the textbook!” (why thank-you, that’s the point 🙂 )
  • The innocent pride when kids do well. I had one little one offer to teach me how to draw a log because this little one knew how to do it so well.
  • Little notes at the end of the day that I find while checking goals. And yes, this sweet note came on a particularly rough day, and I cried when I read it. “Katie, you’re the best teacher ever!!!!”
  • Hugs from some of your students. Especially when you least expect it!

As I continue this year of teaching, my prayer is that I can remember to lean on God. With my own efforts, I stumble pretty quick. I find myself praying for exceptional amounts of grace and mercy for the day-to-day problems and struggles that arise.  I Alsowant to remember even if a child doesn’t ‘get’ the scholastic concept I’m trying to teach, maybe, just maybe, I can teach them life lessons that they’ll remember for the rest of their life!

That being said, I’m sure gonna enjoy my day off tomorrow! Happy Labor Day everyone!! 🙂


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