What is an Aunt?

An aunt is one who teaches you little things….

like how to open and close a screen door


she teaches you that the fine mist from a spray bottle feels pretty good!


And then she takes advantage of your wet hair to do this…..


*Hmmm, I wonder why he always tried to pull out what I put in?? He truly wasn’t very pleased*

She is a protector of all things evil (even if it’s just a black dog only 3 times as big as you)


She’s the one who willingly gives you a huge sticky popsicle, just cause you’re not her kid 😉


Even when he begins to bang it on the high chair....nope, she lets him keep it!

Even when he begins to bang it on the high chair….nope, she lets him keep it!

DSCF0102And she also licks a sticky hand that’s offered her…


She is the one who pulls the little one around on the wagon for 15-30 minutes because she knows he’s picky in how he sleeps.


And yes, she feels proud when he finally succumbs to the tiredness 🙂


She *SOMETIMES* tells him ‘no’, but laughs when he gives her this face 🙂

DSCF0398She thinks that he’s the coolest ever, because, DUH, he is!!

Most of all, she loves him alot!! Because she can spoil him, because he’s a part of her family.

P.S. I’m loving this job as an auntie 🙂



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