Praying for miracles

Have you ever stopped to dwell on prayer? What is prayer? Why do it? What is the purpose? There are so many people, so many situations, so many personal reasons  to have that open communication with God.

I guess this post was inspired by our Sunday school class discussion. We talked about how easy it is to skip prayer services thinking we have better things we could/should be doing. We discussed ways to encourage and challenge each other. And then we went back to life, to weekly norms, to our job, to our daily activities. Did we forget? IMG_0146

Wednesday evening came-prayer meeting. I came home from work, and as usual, tired and just wishing I could stay home. I went, I must admit it was mostly out of what had been engrained in me all my life, not out of a true desire. The time came to kneel in prayer, to take these requests to God.

As I began to think about what we were doing, it suddenly hit me with the awesomeness of this. All kinds of people praying in their own way. Some pray long, some pray short. Some pray simply, and some pray with more intelligent phrases. Some pray softly, barely above a whisper; while others pray loudly, and you hear all these voices blending together to take these requests to God……God hears them ALL! Can you think of anything more beautiful than this?

I think of the requests. Some of them it seems we’ve been praying for….well, for a long time! Some of them are new, but still the sincere cry is the same; “God, we need you. We need your help!”


And then I thought of how we so often forget. We forget when things are going good. We forget to thank God for all He’s done for us. Do we not realize that each prayer God answers is a miracle in itself? It’s a miracle because of all the different people in this world, God knew exactly what answer YOU need and He knows exactly how to give it to YOU! It’s a miracle because God’s way is always perfect. It’s a miracle because it’s God shaping your life the way he planned it from the very beginning.

When you think of prayer in that way, does it humble you as much as it does me? Does it make you stop and think about what the last thing was that made you just stop and say “Thank-you” to God? Does it make you wonder what a different world this would be if we spent the same amount in prayer thanking/praising God as saying, “God, this person (and me too) need help.”? Can you imagine the world of difference it would make if we were all to stop and praise God more? And no, I’m not talking about the difference in others’ life, I’m talking about the difference in YOUR life; how it completely alters YOUR outlook on life because YOUR focus has changed.

I believe God loves when we come to him with requests. I believe he loves it when we continually come to him with intercessions for those we love. There are so many hurting people, sick ones, people who have just lost someone they love dearly. These people need us. They need us to pray for them. They need us to lift them to the throne of God, taking them to God when they don’t have the words to pray themselves. That’s our calling-to help those that are hurting in the best way we can——prayer.

I also believe God loves praises. I believe this will have the encouraging effect on our own lives. It’s hard to praise. It’s hard to find those things to thank Him for, especially when you have to look for them. (I’m talking to myself as much as anyone)

Prayer is a gift God has blessed us with. Let’s use it to its full potential. When we praise, we inspire ourselves. When we pray for others, we encourage them. Let’s join together as mighty pray-ers for God!!



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