You hear a lot about people and vacations, relaxing and traveling the world. These things all seem to happen during the summer, and these are all my dreams and wishes for MY summer. I mean, after teaching a year, I deserve a relaxing, vacation-filled summer, right?? (Also, this vacation-filled summer should also give me time to update this blog more regularly, right?)

Hmmm, somehow my dreams and what reality is didn’t really mesh. Rather, they collided head-on! My dream was to have a job just enough to keep me from being bored, but flexible enough that I could travel. (Trips with friends are super!) The first few weeks of summer were filled with catching my breath from the rat-race of the last weeks of school. Then I, being the type of person I am, I began to get pretty antsy, because my plans of babysitting for the summer were *NOT* falling into place. My dreams of cuddling sweet babies crashed. No one wanted a babysitter who would leave in just 3 short months. I called this store and that, talked to people who maybe, just hopefully would have the right connections. Finally, I resorted to the one job I wanted to get away from–bulk food store. Not that I hate it terribly much, it’s just not my first pick. So, now I had a job. Now I was bound to work. To commitments. To a schedule. To certain days. The trips I wanted to take didn’t happen. The babysitting I wanted to do, was nonexistent.

BUT..This is life, and I feel confident that this is what I was supposed to be doing this summer. Obviously, I was supposed to be home for some reason. Maybe I will never know the reason, but I feel like I was where I should’ve been at this time. I have already stated my plans for next summer: no job, just go travel the world, so much less stressful, so much more relaxing!!

One week this summer I did go to Virginia. No, not the famous Virginia Beach to soak up the sun, but the not-so-famous Harrisonburg, Va. The place where teachers go to learn how to teach, the place where teachers experience being a student so they can better teach their own class.

This place is a place filled with desks. You walked in awkwardly, trying to act like you knew what you were doing….even if you didn’t. You found your seat and sat. You began your work. You worked, pretending you knew what you were doing, and being warned that the pressure gets real about mid-week, you worked as hard as your mind could to get ahead. That evening we went back to the place we were spending the night. My body was exhausted, and after supper and some MORE work, the bed was calling my name very loudly. I was in bed before 9 (which *never* happens) and fell asleep faster than ever before!

The rest of the week went as well as can be expected. Lecture after lecture, book after book, test after test, homework and more homework. Awkward lunches with people you don’t know, because who can get to know a person real well in just one week? The classroom was cold, (yes, this is coming from me) it was COLD! You sat in folding chairs. At least they had padding, (even though they whooshed out embarrassing noises whenever you sat down) Folding chairs for roughly 8-9 hrs a day…Yeah, we sat like kings in this classroom. 🙂

All sarcastic tones aside, this was a very good week for me. Hearing from other teacher’s struggles, and still others who were teachers for years, gave us lots of great advice! We worked through 4-5 lightunits, and yes, my normal school mentality won out and I tried for the extra credit. I didn’t quite get it, but it’s the thought that counts! 🙂

IMG_0258 IMG_0260

These books were flown through in a weeks time. Lots of helpful instruction and ideas are in them, and one of the best parts of the whole week was receiving this certificate at the end of the week!

IMG_0256 IMG_0257

So this sure made my day, tired achy brain and all!!

Also, somewhere during this week, I turned a year older. Don’t ask me how it happened, cause I’m not that old! I mean, teenagers always remain teenagers right? This momentous occasion of leaving the teenager stage was spent in another state, away from all my family, in a classroom, doing schoolwork, and listening to lectures. Such a perfect birthday gift, right?

Thankfully, I was with a friend, and we got to celebrate a little by going out to eat with some Bible school friends. She also brought along this basket filled with goodies to help me celebrate my day away from home. IMG_0263

The thing that made my day even more happier was because we finished early, we got to go home a day early!! Woohoo! Home, Home Home…There really is no place like it!


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