A Little Girl’s Dream

There once was a little girl. She loved to dream, but her dreams were different from most girls (she grew up with 4 brothers, can you blame her?) While other girls dreamed of princesses and castles, fancy dresses and high heels, she was dreaming of teaching. Of living and working in an orphanage. Of taking care of dozens of children somewhere along the way.

Then one day, her dream came true. She faced a classroom of 11 pairs of eyes watching her. And reality set in. This was not an imaginary classroom. This was for real. This was no longer a dream. As she continued working with her dream, she realized even more this was real: these students were not super genius like her imaginary students were, these students were not perfectly angelic like the imagined ones, these students were not quiet on command like her imaginary students were, the imagined quiet, study time with room to think was just that….imagined! No where to be found!!

This teacher was not the perfect teacher either; at times getting frustrated with how she had handled the situations which arose. This teacher did not have the patience the imaginary teacher did, this teacher was not as creative as the imaginary teacher was. This teacher did not have all the answers to the problems that arose. Could she really do this? This dream was real, this dream was her life now, with no way to back out…..

This girl also had a huge amount of stubbornness, (well, that she still has) this girl had a will and a determination to do and fight for what she set out to do (something those 4 brothers of hers helped with). And this girl did it!!

Then as the last days of the year drew near, she realized she would miss these students much more than the imaginary ones. She realized that she had a lot more pride for what these students could do than all those imagined ones. She realized that these were a lot more fun than the ones in the dream. These have made memories with her, memories that have helped shape her life even more.

IMG_0249 IMG_0250

I mean, just look at those mischievous faces.(by the way, there’s 3 not pictured here)  Do you blame her for all the adventures she had? She realized there was no way to predict what would be the next thing that would pop out of their mouths. She also realized that spring fever is not a dream. The difference in energy as the days grew nice and warm was astonishing! She discovered that children are truly a gift, and she wishes to thank the mothers for letting her borrow them 5 days a week for the last 9 months. Oh, the entertainment and joy that they were to her! She’s so thankful for letting your children be a part of making this little girl’s dream come true!


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