Life as I know it

Life as I know it. What is life? Can I really tell? So many times it seems my life always goes in so many different directions. I teach school. I go home. I go to youth. I go to church. I sleep. I wake up.

Does my life even have a purpose? Do I make whatever difference I can in people’s lives? (especially those little ones that make me laugh, grimace, smile, and frustrated all in the same day)

Can they tell that I love them? How does a teacher say she loves her students? How does a teacher say that they are her world? How does she say they mean so much to her? And….

How is it possible to become so attached to someone in such a little time? Sure, there are bad days….But when I think back on this, my first year as a teacher, I think of the good! The fun times, the funny things I heard, all the stories they love to tell, and the bad just slips away.

I think back to yesterday (seems like so long ago!) We went on a field trip. I was so looking forward to a day off of school. Little did I know that I would be twice as tired and cranky *yes, teachers sometimes get cranky* by the time we got back. Let’s just say, I was exhausted, and sooooo ready for a normal day again today!

I love spring! Truly, I do. But, there’s just something about teaching kids with spring fever (and a major case of it!) that causes me to think I shall enjoy summer better than spring! So much energy that has to be cooped up in the classroom! Oh, well, its only 10 days, I shall survive. 🙂

Yes, my days are filled with these crazies ( I’m right there with them) and I shall be missing them all within the first few weeks of vacation!


Quoted from a 1st grader at lunch today: Her-I wish I would have a big mouth. Me-(thinking she was talking about me) I hesitantly answered, “Why?” Her-So then, I could take bigger bites!

Wisdom out of the mouths of little ones- I mean, who wouldn’t want a bigger mouth for that reason? 🙂


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